VCSEL-array-940nmHigh power (8W) 940nm arrays for illumination applications. These arrays have an efficiency of >45%, a spectral width of approximately 1nm and a circular beam with divergence of 18 degrees (full angle). The array is of the size of 2x2mm and is normally mounted on submounts. We have the ability of deliver such arrays in high volume through our high volume manufacturing operation. The solar background rejection capability stems from the sharply lower level of solar background and use of narrow band filters for the detector arrays at 940nm compared to wavelengths such as 800 or 850nm.

We also deliver single devices and lower power arrays at 940nm with power level of tens of mW to several watts as well as addressable arrays. A very high power array of >100W at 940nm is under construction for pumping application. We can make custom devices and arrays at this wavelength as well as at other configurations and other wavelengths.

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