Mass Production of VCSELs and VCSEL Arrays for Optical Proximity Sensors

We start high volume mass production of single emitters and small arrays for optical proximity sensors. The VCSELs because of their small form factor, high directionality and better electrical- optical conversion efficiency, presents itself as an easy choice as a replacement to an IR- LED in any active optical sensor. The benefits the VCSEL brings allows […]

Miniature projector of 8W output power using VCSEL arrays for machine vision with structured light and stereoscopic 3D Imaging approach

Availability of high peak power (8W) 860 and 940nm laser projectors for 3D Imaging applications for machine vision. In this product the VCSEL arrays are used for IR illumination with a projection lens for projecting the spots on to the 3D imaging targets. Normally 860nm illuminators are used for indoors applications and 940nm illuminators for […]