Princeton Optronics, an industry recognized leader in high efficiency, high power VCSELs and VCSEL arrays, announces a 250W VCSEL array at 808nm designed especially for hair removal and other aesthetics applications.

Laser hair removal is becoming a major segment for the laser market with a significant number of companies making hair removal equipment for home and clinic use. VCSELs offer a major advantage for their high power, low cost and packaging simplicity for use for this market. The intended use of this product is for hair removal and other aesthetic applications such as wrinkle and fat mitigation.

We announce a VCSEL array of power of 250W at 808nm which can be operated for a pulse duration of 25 to 100mS. For hair removal application several of these arrays, typically 12 to 24 arrays will be mounted on a submount and the output light will be focused down to a smaller area, delivering a pulse energy between 20J to 100J. Figure below shows (a) a single VCSEL of 250W of power as well as a (b) 2×2 array of 4 VCSELs delivering 1kW of power. A 4×3 array will deliver 3kW of power.


(a)Single 4.7×4.7mm VCSEL of 250W of power   (b) 2×2 array of VCSELs (1kW)

Princeton Optronics is a manufacturer of high power single and multi-mode VCSELs and VCSEL arrays, and products using VCSEL devices and arrays. It has a diverse line of products suitable for applications including illumination, Lidar, printing, sensing and solid state laser pumping.

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