Princeton Optronics is the industry recognized leader in Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers and VCSEL arrays with high power and high power conversion efficiency.

Covering the whole wavelength range accessible for InGaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs material system from 650 nm to 1,2 micron we have developed proprietary VCSEL technology with power conversion efficiency of 65% and CW power level density of 12W/mm 2 previously achievable only by best in the class high power laser bars.

Our VCSELs operate at ambient temperatures as high as 150°C with reasonable performance.


VCSELs have Intrinsic advantages such as surface emission which offers design flexibility for addressable arrays, an order of magnitude reduced temperature dependence of lasing wavelength, superior reliability, and finally wafer level manufacturing process.

Such performance places VCSELs as a top candidate for a wide range of [applications] bypassing conventional edge-emitting diode lasers and LEDs.

Company technology includes epitaxial structure and chip design, epitaxial growth, front- and back-end processing, packaging and advanced testing and simulations.

Profound expertise on optical design and optical system fabrication also allow us to offer advanced solutions when VCSEL-based optical subassemblies are required. We also develop and produce Solid State Lasers and Visible Lasers with a direct frequency doubling with overall conversion efficiency above 20%.