Princeton Optronics, an industry leader in high volume manufacturing of high efficiency VCSEL arrays, shipping millions of such devices per month, announces a novel VCSEL array device in which both contacts are from the back side and does not need any wire bonding. This will help the users to reduce the cost of wire bonding in volume production for cell phones and other high volume applications. The VCSELs are available in 850 and 945nms of wavelength.

The Princeton Optronics VCSELs, because of their small form factor, high directionality and better electrical to optical conversion efficiency, present themselves as easy choices for a replacement to IR-LEDs in any active optical sensor. The benefits the VCSEL brings allows for smaller, more cost effective packages with lower power consumption and longer range of sensing because of narrower native divergence, allowing for design into light source for camera autofocus in mobile applications.

Recent technology developments and demonstration of >63% of wall plug efficiency and operation at high temperatures as high as 100 °C, allows Princeton Optronics VCSELs to demonstrate superiority for many proximity applications and being designed in for a number of high volume applications.

Single emitters can reach output powers up to several mWs to several Watts in continuous mode and order of magnitude more in pulsed mode while maintaining industry leading efficiencies. Single emitters and arrays are offered in die sizes from 175×175μm up to 500×500μm and are offered at 850 and at 945nm.

PO_SingleChip175×175μm size VCSEL array with optional front and both back contacts

Princeton Optronics manufacturers high power single and multi-mode VCSELs and VCSEL arrays, and products using VCSEL devices and arrays. It has a diverse line of products suitable for applications including illumination, Lidar, sensing and solid state laser pumping.

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