We have now availability of high power (2W and 6W) 860 and 940nm VCSEL arrays with diffusers mounted on top of them for use as illuminators for 3D Imaging applications. The diffusers have the ability to modify the divergence angle from the native 20 degree round beam to a maximum of 110×90 degree divergence suitable for many applications. Other divergence angles such as 65×45 degrees are also available.


Schematics of a VCSEL array with diffuser mounted on top. The pink colored piece at the bottom is the VCSEL array and the glass on the top is the diffuser.

The VCSEL arrays with diffusers are used for IR illumination for time of flight (TOF) or other applications for distance measurements. High divergence is normally needed for head mounted depth camera applications and machine vision. Normally 860nm illuminators are used for predominantly indoors applications and 940nm illuminators for outdoor applications where solar background in present. Princeton Optronics VCSEL arrays with diffusers typically have a wavelength bandwidth of +/-5nm and an efficiency of >40% at 60 deg C.

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